Carolina Valdez

Miller Time

Starting a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel can be fun and entertaining, but shouldn’t be used as get-rich-quick scheme. While, it is possible to make money from YouTube it is also a lot of work and dedication. There are several of different ideas for YouTube videos, and from those you can branch off more. The ideas are really endless, just keep in mind the more popular the idea the better chance you will stand. For example: a sock video wouldn’t be as popular as a how-to on cooking, or that cooking video may not be as popular as a gaming video. It really depends on what you are comfortable doing though, if you are a professional chef that isn’t a gamer you may not want to do the gaming videos. You need to decide how much time you are going to spend on this, there is quite a bit of work involved. You need to set time for making your scripts, shooting your videos, and editing your videos. Also make sure you know copyright laws!

Boost your audience and keep you fans loyal by commenting on their comments and sharing your videos on social media sites. Join a YouTube network (sometime fees do apply). Keep your videos short and of high quality to keep your fans intrigued.

With all fun aside, creating a YouTube channel can be challenging. You getting paid depends not on how many views you get, but on how many of your viewers watch the ads. Ads are the main source of pay for YouTubers. To start getting ads you must: 1) Set your YouTube channel to monetization, meaning you have to have the rights to the video and everything in it. This includes written permission for anything that is not your content. 2) Connect you change to an Adsense account. Be sure that the ads you are using relate to your videos, so people will want to watch them. 3) Know what kinds of videos you can monetize. This also goes along with knowing about copyrighting and have permission to use content. 4) You should have a loyal audience before you start to monetize.

There are two types of ads that run on your videos, the ones before the video start and the ones that run throughout at the bottom of your video. In order to get paid the ad must be watched! This is why it is important that you choose ads that accommodate to your audience.

Other ways to make money off of YouTube include Brands, Merchandising, Crowdfunding, and Events. Brand names, you can work with brand name items when your target audience for their product is similar to the product by mentioning it. Merchandising or selling yourself to help spread the word about your channel. Stickers, clothing, and toys are just small examples of the types of merchandise that you could sell. Crowdfunding is when your fans contribute money to your channel. You can even launch an external crowdfunding campaign to gain more fans.
When things start to really take off for you, schedule live appearance where your audiences are the most vibrant and engaged. This is a really good way to gain more income by selling tickets and merchandise.

Types of Videos

There are several videos out there that you could do, but it’s important to pick something that you love and are passionate about, if you don’t you may lose the initiative to continue them. Some of the more popular may be video gaming, Parodies, How-to videos, reviews, or even a video series.


-You just bought a new game and can’t wait to get home and play. Even better is the game was just released, start a raw walk-through.

-People often go to You Tube when they need help. Complete an in-depth walk-through of some favorites that you’ve completed.

-Splice together some cut scenes and add voice overs for in-game comedy skits.


-Have a favorite dish or recipe you love, why not share it and show others how to create it.

-Car maintenance! Cars can be very expensive to take into a mechanic and get fixed, and unless you know how to do it yourself you will be paying a pretty penny.

-Arts and crafts are fun and easy for some people, others might not be so crafty, do a video breaking down the process of some favorite and easy crafts.

-Drawings and painting can be fun and easy way for people to learn how to draw or paint a masterpiece.

-Have a favorite song, change the lyrics and add your own videos with a wide variety this could be extremely entertaining.
– Try a skit from your favorite show with improv and your own actors or characters.

-New toys, games, or electronics could always use reviews that people can see are legitimate and not made up to make a product just look good. Toys are fun because kids can see ways to play with different ones together.

Video series:
-Have your own idea for a series, cartoon, or short movie? Keeping it entertaining and leaving each one with a cliffhanger that will keep people coming back for more.