Carolina Valdez

Miller Time

Fun Sex Ideas – Ways to Spice Up Sex Life

Consensual sex between partners is an amazing, healthy, natural act. But what happens when you’ve been married for a long time or with your partner for a long time and things seem to fizzle out in the bedroom? Maybe both of you work during the day or one takes care of the kids while the other works, or whatever scenario you find yourself in and intimacy with your significant other starts to feel like a broken record and your sex life takes a back seat to everything else. Now you’re faced with the challenge of how to spice up your sex life and what your partner and you can do about it. These few ideas should help you get inspired.

Adult Toys–With the abundance of adult toy stores online you can buy almost anything for the bedroom to start the adventure to spicing things up. Make sure you both look at the items, it’s much easier than seeing something you want and ordering it, then being disappointed that your partner isn’t interested. It’s always better for you both to look at the possibilities and make choices, and don’t just stop with dildos and vibrators, there’s a universe of toys out there. Unless, of course, it’s going to be a surprise, which could be fun!

Sexy Lingerie–Although it may sound cliche to some because the lingerie never stays on for long, if you’re doing things right it’s not supposed to anyway. Intimate apparel is not just for the women either, there are some very sexy men’s outfits on the market presently. Whether you shop together for it or separately, intimate apparel is just another way to try spicing things up for you. Pair it with the toys, and see what happens.

Adult Games–Remember that sexy board game you got when you were married? Or that deck of cards with all the hot models on them? Well, pull those out, and relearn how to play them all over again. Adults games are not limited to just board games and card games, make stuff up as you go along. Use that deep, dark, sexy, imagination you’ve been hiding for a few years now, even something silly, it’s just the two of you so who will know?

Swinger Parties–Oh stop, you know what it is, if not just Google it. Sure, most couples that attend swingers parties are there to swing, after all that’s what it’s all about. But there are always others at the party that are just wanting to do the same thing you are, spice up your sex life, it’s not immoral no matter what others think. Whether you decide to jump in with both feet or not, a swingers party is a great place to make those new connections. A lot of parties have a no sex on premises rule and come with no pressure, so the choice is ultimately yours if you want to engage in some consensual fun afterward. Human beings are attracted to the mystery and possibilities that come with the mingling at one of the parties, it’s not for everyone, but checking it out certainly won’t hurt.

Sexting, Phone Sex–Modern technology has given us the opportunity to send sexual texts to our partners, a.k.a. Sexting. If you’re not so great with texting, call them up and start good old fashioned dirty talk. You remember how to do that right? And if the moment strikes, send your partner some sexy pics of yourself.

Location–You know how it goes, ‘location, location, location’, and that’s true for sex as well. Sure, your bedroom is great, romantic, the place to be for lovers, but what about the kitchen? Or maybe the bathroom? Or even the garage? Somewhere the two of you can be uninterrupted, why not? Try somewhere different for once, whether it’s in the back seat of your car or under the stars and apple tree in your backyard, mix it up and get some of that spice sprinkled all over your sex life. There is a guarantee that no one will be disappointed.