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7 Common Unhealthy Ways To Lose Weight

Smoking: It decreases your appetite so people use it to lose weight. Smoking causes long term harm as the body becomes fatigue and more open to cancers and other infections. It is not good for you at all. Smoking pretty much sucks the life out of you and makes you stinky.

Drugs and Pills: People use cocaine and pills to lose weight. This is one of the worst ways to. You can overdose and they cause damage to the heart and brain. This is very addicting to.

Skipping Meals: This is very bad for you. Your metabolism increases after eating, and if you constantly skip meals, your metabolism slows down and you can gain weight. In order to lose weight, you cannot skip meals. If you want to lose weight, the correct way to do it is eating healthy three times a day and snacking healthy in between. Skipping meals can cause you to feel weak and sick to. You can also develop headaches when you skip meals, especially if you are not use to it.

Plurging: It is when you make yourself throw up after every meal. This is one of the worst ways to make yourself lose weight and can be very bad for your health. This can become an addiction as well. It comes with physiological problems and it leads to bulimia. You will eventually become to skinny and look sick. You don’t want to end up in the hospital. Plurging can make you mentally ill as well. In some cases people have died from this problem.

Laxatives: If you do this a lot it will weaken your digestive system and can cause abdomen problems. Laxatives make you sick as well.

No-calorie Diet: This is one of the most popular ways to lose weight, or people at least think the diet helps you lose weight, but it does not. Our bodies need fat and healthy fats help you lose weight. Diet drinks can cause you to gain weight.

Over-Exercising: If your body is not nourished with sufficient or proper food to maintain health or normal growth, over-exercising can be one of the worst ways to lose weight. Tons of exercise will not help you lose weight. It is not good to overwork the body. Balancing your exercise is the best thing to do. 20 minutes, 3-5 times a day is just the right amount of time. No need to go over that, and you don’t want to end up to skinny anyways and look all sick.

People always want to take the easy way out in losing weight, that is why it is so easy to run to all this stuff. It is also the fast way to lose weight, but the worst way to. Yes you can get skinny, but at the end you end up with bad health and damaging all sorts of things in your body. It is not worth it. It is hard work to lose weight, but at the end you end up skinny and with good health. Working out and eating healthy are the best ways to lose weight, but you have to balance them out. Our body needs food so it is not good to completely cut it out. We need food to function. You have to change your lifestyle if you are serious about losing weight. It is hard work eating healthy and exercising, but it pays off at the end. Focus on your health and everything else will fall into place. This is the most important thing to do. If you focus to much on getting skinny and not healthy, it can be bad. A low-carb diet helps you lose weight quickly and it is also a good healthy diet to. Lose weight the correct way, don’t run to the bad stuff. It will be worth doing it right.

Fun Sex Ideas – Ways to Spice Up Sex Life

Consensual sex between partners is an amazing, healthy, natural act. But what happens when you’ve been married for a long time or with your partner for a long time and things seem to fizzle out in the bedroom? Maybe both of you work during the day or one takes care of the kids while the other works, or whatever scenario you find yourself in and intimacy with your significant other starts to feel like a broken record and your sex life takes a back seat to everything else. Now you’re faced with the challenge of how to spice up your sex life and what your partner and you can do about it. These few ideas should help you get inspired.

Adult Toys–With the abundance of adult toy stores online you can buy almost anything for the bedroom to start the adventure to spicing things up. Make sure you both look at the items, it’s much easier than seeing something you want and ordering it, then being disappointed that your partner isn’t interested. It’s always better for you both to look at the possibilities and make choices, and don’t just stop with dildos and vibrators, there’s a universe of toys out there. Unless, of course, it’s going to be a surprise, which could be fun!

Sexy Lingerie–Although it may sound cliche to some because the lingerie never stays on for long, if you’re doing things right it’s not supposed to anyway. Intimate apparel is not just for the women either, there are some very sexy men’s outfits on the market presently. Whether you shop together for it or separately, intimate apparel is just another way to try spicing things up for you. Pair it with the toys, and see what happens.

Adult Games–Remember that sexy board game you got when you were married? Or that deck of cards with all the hot models on them? Well, pull those out, and relearn how to play them all over again. Adults games are not limited to just board games and card games, make stuff up as you go along. Use that deep, dark, sexy, imagination you’ve been hiding for a few years now, even something silly, it’s just the two of you so who will know?

Swinger Parties–Oh stop, you know what it is, if not just Google it. Sure, most couples that attend swingers parties are there to swing, after all that’s what it’s all about. But there are always others at the party that are just wanting to do the same thing you are, spice up your sex life, it’s not immoral no matter what others think. Whether you decide to jump in with both feet or not, a swingers party is a great place to make those new connections. A lot of parties have a no sex on premises rule and come with no pressure, so the choice is ultimately yours if you want to engage in some consensual fun afterward. Human beings are attracted to the mystery and possibilities that come with the mingling at one of the parties, it’s not for everyone, but checking it out certainly won’t hurt.

Sexting, Phone Sex–Modern technology has given us the opportunity to send sexual texts to our partners, a.k.a. Sexting. If you’re not so great with texting, call them up and start good old fashioned dirty talk. You remember how to do that right? And if the moment strikes, send your partner some sexy pics of yourself.

Location–You know how it goes, ‘location, location, location’, and that’s true for sex as well. Sure, your bedroom is great, romantic, the place to be for lovers, but what about the kitchen? Or maybe the bathroom? Or even the garage? Somewhere the two of you can be uninterrupted, why not? Try somewhere different for once, whether it’s in the back seat of your car or under the stars and apple tree in your backyard, mix it up and get some of that spice sprinkled all over your sex life. There is a guarantee that no one will be disappointed.

How to find Las Vegas Escorts

Las Vegas is in Nevada, the only state in the country where prostitution is legal. Las Vegas is nicknamed sin City as people look to visiting the city as a way of fulfilling their pleasuresx including those sexual in nature. Many people visit Las Vegas with the intention of visiting an escort but find it challenging to find the right one for them. There are , of course, many Las Vegas escorts to choose from but finding the right situation can be challenging. This article will seek to guide you.

Plan Ahead And Know What You Feel Comfortable With

One of the major keys when you are looking for an escort is to plan ahead and know what you are looking for and what the cost of it will be. Prepare a budget for yourself and compare your budget to what is available for the money you want to spend. Obviously when you are willing to spend more you will have more options out there to choose between but it is important to not spend more than you are comfortable with unless you find the perfect situation.

When understanding what you are looking for in a Las Vegas Escort you should understand how private you want your encounter to be. Visiting a brothel is the legal option and provides you with a wide range of options to choose from but also will be in a more public setting that you may not feel comfortable with. Still many find a brothel to be the preferred choice for them and their privacy is not as impaired as one might think. For others who want complete privacy an escort one on one experience might be best. Escorts either visit you in your home or hotel room, or vice versa and provide a truly intimate experience. However the negative is that visiting an escort is not as safe as visiting an brothel, not necessarily in terms of physical safety but rather in getting the experience that you are looking for.

Visiting an escort of any kind takes planning and research. There are luckily many online resources that you can turn to in order to help you with this research. Start early by reading about the different brothels and learning about the brothels through reviews of them from former patrons. Learn about the girls at each brothel and find which ones appeal to your taste. If you are instead looking for escorts in Vegas than be prepared to do more research. Find sites that offer lists of escorts in Vegas and provide photos and reviews. Contact different Las Vegas escorts via email and see their availability and see if you develop a rapport with them. Make an appointment if one stands out to you. Be sure to have backups lined up if they fall through.

Special Desires and Tastes

Everybody has special and unique sexual desires and finding an escort to fulfill them can be a check mark on a sexual wish list. Some sexual desires are unique and challenging to fulfill and take extra preparation. When contacting an escort be open with your sexual desires and see if they are receptive to it, if this is something you absolutely want from your Vegas Escort experience. Ultimately some escorts will be open to it while others won’t and by being open with your desires you can Be more certain to find the right experience and fantasy fulfillment for you.

When In Vegas

Many people make a plan to see a specific escort but suddenly find themselves out of luck when their planned escort in Vegas has another appointment or is generally unavailable. Don’t be discouraged and don’t be afraid to quickly change your mind if you have to. There are many wonderful Las Vegas escorts who can provide great experiences and you ultimately may need to adapt on the fly if you have to when in Vegas. After all, exploring and trying something different is part of the reason to see an escort in Vegas after all.

Starting a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel can be fun and entertaining, but shouldn’t be used as get-rich-quick scheme. While, it is possible to make money from YouTube it is also a lot of work and dedication. There are several of different ideas for YouTube videos, and from those you can branch off more. The ideas are really endless, just keep in mind the more popular the idea the better chance you will stand. For example: a sock video wouldn’t be as popular as a how-to on cooking, or that cooking video may not be as popular as a gaming video. It really depends on what you are comfortable doing though, if you are a professional chef that isn’t a gamer you may not want to do the gaming videos. You need to decide how much time you are going to spend on this, there is quite a bit of work involved. You need to set time for making your scripts, shooting your videos, and editing your videos. Also make sure you know copyright laws!

Boost your audience and keep you fans loyal by commenting on their comments and sharing your videos on social media sites. Join a YouTube network (sometime fees do apply). Keep your videos short and of high quality to keep your fans intrigued.

With all fun aside, creating a YouTube channel can be challenging. You getting paid depends not on how many views you get, but on how many of your viewers watch the ads. Ads are the main source of pay for YouTubers. To start getting ads you must: 1) Set your YouTube channel to monetization, meaning you have to have the rights to the video and everything in it. This includes written permission for anything that is not your content. 2) Connect you change to an Adsense account. Be sure that the ads you are using relate to your videos, so people will want to watch them. 3) Know what kinds of videos you can monetize. This also goes along with knowing about copyrighting and have permission to use content. 4) You should have a loyal audience before you start to monetize.

There are two types of ads that run on your videos, the ones before the video start and the ones that run throughout at the bottom of your video. In order to get paid the ad must be watched! This is why it is important that you choose ads that accommodate to your audience.

Other ways to make money off of YouTube include Brands, Merchandising, Crowdfunding, and Events. Brand names, you can work with brand name items when your target audience for their product is similar to the product by mentioning it. Merchandising or selling yourself to help spread the word about your channel. Stickers, clothing, and toys are just small examples of the types of merchandise that you could sell. Crowdfunding is when your fans contribute money to your channel. You can even launch an external crowdfunding campaign to gain more fans.
When things start to really take off for you, schedule live appearance where your audiences are the most vibrant and engaged. This is a really good way to gain more income by selling tickets and merchandise.

Types of Videos

There are several videos out there that you could do, but it’s important to pick something that you love and are passionate about, if you don’t you may lose the initiative to continue them. Some of the more popular may be video gaming, Parodies, How-to videos, reviews, or even a video series.


-You just bought a new game and can’t wait to get home and play. Even better is the game was just released, start a raw walk-through.

-People often go to You Tube when they need help. Complete an in-depth walk-through of some favorites that you’ve completed.

-Splice together some cut scenes and add voice overs for in-game comedy skits.


-Have a favorite dish or recipe you love, why not share it and show others how to create it.

-Car maintenance! Cars can be very expensive to take into a mechanic and get fixed, and unless you know how to do it yourself you will be paying a pretty penny.

-Arts and crafts are fun and easy for some people, others might not be so crafty, do a video breaking down the process of some favorite and easy crafts.

-Drawings and painting can be fun and easy way for people to learn how to draw or paint a masterpiece.

-Have a favorite song, change the lyrics and add your own videos with a wide variety this could be extremely entertaining.
– Try a skit from your favorite show with improv and your own actors or characters.

-New toys, games, or electronics could always use reviews that people can see are legitimate and not made up to make a product just look good. Toys are fun because kids can see ways to play with different ones together.

Video series:
-Have your own idea for a series, cartoon, or short movie? Keeping it entertaining and leaving each one with a cliffhanger that will keep people coming back for more.